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Some people work harder than they have to in order to have a beautiful lawn. Grass is pretty tough. If you give it the right growing conditions your grass will defend itself from most weeds and diseases. One of the main mistakes people make is in when and how to water the lawn. Here are some watering tips that will help your lawn be strong and healthy.

DO water every five to six days during the warm season.

DO water early in the morning.

DO set sprinkler water spray close to the ground, not in high arcs.

DO soak the area for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

DON’T water during the heat of the day (you lose ⅓ of the water to evaporation).

DON’T over-water, as you will lose nutrients and encourage rot and disease.

DON’T water too frequently, as it encourages shallow roots and weak grass.

DON’T water at night, as it encourages disease.

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