Functional Furniture For Small Spaces

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A small home can be a challenge to furnish. To make the most of your space, flexible and functional furniture choices are a must. These choices will help you save space and also make the most out of each furniture purchase.

Double Duty Pieces

Furniture that serves more than one purpose saves space and makes your space more functional.

In a really small space, like a studio apartment, a futon is the classic choice to combine seating with sleeping space. Today’s futons have come a long way from the uncomfortable choices of the past. With more stylish frame choices than ever and much better mattresses, futons are ready for a resurgence. Similar to futons are sofas called “klik-klak” beds—these fold down using a different mechanism.

An ottoman that doubles as a coffee table is a great way to put your feet up and also have table space. Add to that a storage space inside the ottoman and you have a piece that provides a lot of functionality. Look for an ottoman with a removable lid that can be flipped over and used as a tabletop. Multiple piece tops add even more usefulness.

Space-Saving Designs

Drop-leaf tables are the best friend of the tiny kitchen. Folding down the leaves when not in use makes it easier to move around, and when needed provide the surface space you need for food preparation or serving guests. Another option is a butterfly leaf, which is one of the easiest ways to make a table larger or smaller as needed, without having to store a leaf in a tight space.

To save space in seating areas, look to end tables that slide right over the arm of a sofa or chair. Nesting tables are also a great way to have more table space when you need it, and tuck it away when you don’t.

Look To Loft Beds

For a small bedroom, a loft bed is the best way to make use of space. With the bed high off the floor, you can fit a desk, dresser, bookshelves, and more beneath the sleeping space. You’ll get back all of the floor space normally occupied by the bed.

Some loft beds even come with built-in function underneath, such as shelves or drawers. If you’re in a small studio apartment, a loft bed can also be placed over a sofa to keep your sleeping space out of the way of your living space.

No matter how small your living space, you can get more out of it with the right furniture. These designs will make your space work for you.

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