Quick Décor Updates On A Budget

Larry Rhodes · February 01, 2020 · Home Stuff · 0 comments

If an overhaul of your home is simply not in the budget but you really need to make some changes, there are some affordable ways to bring new life to your old décor. Simple changes can make a big difference to brighten up a room, perk up worn décor, and give your home a whole new look.

Paint Isn’t Just For Walls

A coat of paint is the quickest and easiest way to make a change on a budget, and it doesn’t have to be only the walls. Consider painting an old coffee table a new color to give it new life. Paint an accent wall to brighten up the room, and avoid the cost and labor of painting the whole house. Take a coat of paint to and old lamp—just be sure to get the right paint for the material—or to your chairs or old wooden bar stools. Paint can be used in a variety of ways to change the look of the home.

Simple Furniture Changes

Give old furniture and accessories a new look by changing out something small and easy. New throw cushions can be bought at low prices from discount stores and can really change the look of a sofa or chair. Buy a length of fabric and use it to recover the padded seats on dining room chairs. It will hide old stains and completely change the look of your dining set. Buy new lampshades instead of replacing your lamps to change the look of your room in a hurry.

Add a splash of color to any room with simple accessories and affordable art. Use brightly colored vases and add fresh or silk flowers to really pop in the room. Visit thrift stores for colorful art pieces that will give a vintage look and feel while really standing out. Stick to a simple color scheme that creates life without being overwhelming.

Clean Up Your Kitchen

Use racks to hang glassware under cabinets; it will reduce clutter and adds a classy look to the kitchen as well. Simple sewing skills can create covers for the appliances left out on the counter, turning them into décor rather than just counter clutter.

A quick look around your room and a visit to a discount or thrift store is all it takes to create a new, colorful look for any room in your house. Even if you have no sewing or décor skills, you can make easy changes that anyone can do.

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