If you are feeling a lack of color and vibrancy in your décor, but don’t have a lot of time or money to put into redecorating, you can still make a big difference. Adding a splash of exciting accent color to any room is simple and affordable, and can be done without any major changes to your current décor. Choose A Color Based on the main colors that now exist in your room, choose the accent color or colors you would like to add. It is usually best to stick to one color or family of colors when adding bold accents to a room to prevent them from fighting with each other for attention. If your room is very neutral, your choices are wide open. You can go with just about anything from yellow to blue. If your room has a lot of greens, consider a complementary color such as dark red or bright yellow. If your room has a lot of beige and brown tones, look for bright oranges, reds, or even blue. A great way to decide is to grab some paint chips from your local home improvement store and see how each color looks. From Cushions To […]
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