Since the days of Adam and Eve, homeowners have been battling pests and weeds in the garden and in the home. But the benefits of growing plants far outweigh the challenges. I thought I would share with you some tips that can help keep your plants happy, indoors and out! For an environmentally safe insecticide boil five or six chopped garlic cloves in a gallon of water until soft. Add one tablespoon of biodegradable detergent and let sit for a day before spraying on plants. A spray bottle of two parts vinegar and one part water is good for getting rid of slugs on your garden plants. For indoor and outdoor plants clay pots are better than plastic. Clay pots allow the plants to breathe and are cooler for the plant roots. When you change the water in your aquarium save it to use on your houseplants. They will love it! A paste of baking soda and water will remove most stains from your plastic garden furniture. When planting flowers, first scrape a bar of soap across your fingernails to keep them from getting soil stained. Sprinkling pepper in the garden will repel cats and other critters from digging or […]
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