Tips For Maximizing Kitchen Counter Space

Larry Rhodes · February 01, 2020 · Home Stuff · 0 comments

Kitchen counters are one of the most clutter-prone spaces in any home. Clearing clutter and making the most of your surface space in the kitchen makes meal preparation easier and more pleasant. Even in a small kitchen there are some steps you can take to maximize counter space and steer clear of clutter.

Reduce Small Appliances

How many appliances are sitting on your counter? If you don’t use them every day, put them away. That especially includes large, space-hogging devices like stand mixers, bread makers, and slow-cookers. If you do use the appliance daily, such as a coffee maker, removing the ones you don’t use will allow you to place those frequently used items in a more convenient location.

In some cases, two small appliances can be replaced with a single double-duty machine. Instead of a toaster and a toaster oven, choose an all-in-one model. Look for a coffee maker that does both a full pot and a single serving, rather than keeping one of each.

Mount And Hang Whatever You Can

To free up horizontal surfaces, look for solutions that can be mounted underneath your cabinets. Can openers and paper towel dispensers are both common items that come in mountable versions. And don’t forget the microwave—an above the stove unit saves a lot of space.

Wall mounted systems that allow you to hang small containers for utensils, add shelves for spices or other small items, and other options are a versatile way to get things off of the counter but still have them within reach when you need them. A hanging basket for fruit keeps it close but off the counter.

Organize Your Cupboards

Organized cupboards can mean more space on the counter. For one thing, it’s easier to put things away when you know exactly where they go and have made space for them. And when you make more space in the cupboards, you don’t have to leave as many items out on the counter.

Consider the most convenient locations when organizing so that things will be put away immediately. For example, place the coffee mugs, sugar, filters, and other such items in the cupboard above or below the spot on the counter where you keep the coffee maker. That way, they’ll get put away right after use.

Making smart use of your counter space requires an eye for detail and a little time spent on organization. The payoff, however, is a kitchen that feels open, clean, and clutter-free.

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