Water Features For Your Yard

Larry Rhodes · February 01, 2020 · Home Stuff · 0 comments

A water feature can make a major change in your yard, and there are plenty of different ways to go about adding one. From a simple and small fountain to a koi pond or waterfall, you can use water to create a peaceful sense of a real escape from life in your yard.

Small Water Features

For small yards or for those looking to add something simple, a basic fountain is easy to add. They come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes and can fit into any landscaping. Your fountain can be a centerpiece for the yard or can be placed near the patio. You can even get a small tabletop fountain for the patio table.

Most fountains are easy enough to install by yourself. They use a pump system that circulates the water and keeps the fountain running. Follow all of the instructions for set-up, use, and care that come with the fountain and you can enjoy the sound of trickling water for many years to come.

Adding A Pond

A pond is a really eye-catching and special addition to any yard. You will need some space for it, but even smaller yards can manage one. Koi ponds are a very popular choice, as the fish are lovely and create an ambience in the yard. They fit in well with any sort of Japanese or other Asian landscape design, but really extend into other styles as well.

Make sure your pond has a system for keeping the water circulating and clean; standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and it can get quite dirty over time. It’s best to have a professional install the water system for your pond.


You may not be able to have Niagara Falls in your yard to enjoy, but you can get a waterfall added as a feature of your yard. These can be falls that descend over a rock wall, a small stream that runs over consecutive drops in a sloped yard, or something in a corner where water falls down into a small pond.

A waterfall adds the sound of moving water to the air all the time. Be sure you have proper drainage for the water system.

Water features are a beautiful addition to any yard, and your imagination is really the only limit. Many professionals can help you to design the water feature that is right for your yard and your needs.

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