Should You Be Present During Home Showings?

Larry Rhodes · February 02, 2020 · Home Stuff · 0 comments

Showing your home is a stressful experience; you have to keep it clean and ready, always looking its best, and you also have to consider where you’ll be during home showings. Most people choose to leave the home, but if a showing is scheduled at the last minute and you don’t feel you can leave, should you stay?

The Pros For Leaving

Most buyers prefer to look at a home while the current residents are out. This is because it makes them feel a little more comfortable, since it’s odd enough to be walking through and examining a stranger’s home. It allows them to make their observations and ask questions that might make an owner uncomfortable.

Especially if you have a family, it can be really hard for people to get a good look at and feel for the home with you and your kids around. Getting out of the house might be difficult sometimes, but allowing people to get the best possible look at your home means it’s more likely they’ll be interested in buying it.

Potential Pros For Staying

If you are there during a showing you can answer any questions your home buyers might have. Being able to answer those questions on the spot can help them to make a quicker buying choice. You may be able to provide information about the neighborhood and home that the realtor can’t offer.

Being there and yet staying out of the way during a showing can be beneficial; consider going out into the yard, especially if you have kids who could get in the way. You’ll be nearby for questions and yet out of the way. This may only work in nice weather, but makes a good compromise.

So Which Is Better?

As a general rule, although there can be some benefit to your being there during a showing, it’s best that you do leave. Home buyers want to feel free to be as critical as they need to be about a home they are considering for purchase, and your presence can make them uncomfortable doing this.

You and your family can also be a distraction for those who want to really get a good feel for the home—remember, they need to picture their family living there, not yours.

If you must be present, stay out of the way as much as possible, and make sure the REALTOR® knows you would like to be helpful if there are questions—but stay away unless asked.

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