Once your loan is approved, you will be ready to take the final step that will lead to the door of your new home. Many homebuyers are intimidated by the closing process, but it’s not as complicated as you may think. In fact, finding the right home is much more difficult than closing the deal. Making It Official The closing process begins with the borrower and lender meeting in the presence of a notary public. This is a person who is authorized to oversee, create or certify contracts, deeds and other legal documents. At the conclusion of the signing, the notary public will provide their stamp and signature, which certifies the identification of everyone present and the signatures on the loan application. Handing Over The Cash When you meet with the lender to close the loan, you will be required to produce your down payment and, if required, the closing costs. Ask your lender about acceptable payment methods, which may include a cashier’s check or other certified funds. If you have an account with the lender, a personal check may be accepted in some circumstances. Review The Loan Documents At closing, this will be your final opportunity to review the […]
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