When it comes to buying a house, timing can make a big difference on several levels. The time of year when you start searching can impact things like house prices, available inventory, and competition for that inventory. There are also personal factors to consider to make your move at a good time for you. The Spring Rush Many people will tell you spring is the best time to buy, because it’s when the market picks up and the inventory improves. It’s true that spring does tend to bring much more selection to the market, as many people prefer to move in pleasant weather, and families with children look to time a move in between school years. However, the rush to buy in the spring months can increase competition and raise prices. There are more homes to choose from, but also more buyers looking at those houses, which can result in bidding wars and the frustration of houses selling fast. That means spring isn’t necessarily the best time to get in the buying market, particularly if you want to get the best price. When Prices Are Lowest The real estate market slows in the late fall and through the holidays, as […]
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