If you have children, you know how quickly they can accumulate toys and other items. You also know how quickly those items can take over your home! Providing simple and effective storage solutions for your child’s toys and books is the best way to keep the clutter under control as well as teach your child how to care for their things. A Bin For Everything And Everything In Its Bin Color-coded and labeled bins are a great way to keep toys organized. Look for bins that either fit onto a shelving unit designed for that purpose, or can easily be stacked. Choosing a different color for each type of toy makes it easy for your kids to clean up their own things and ensure they are in the right spot. You can also consider making simple labels. If your children do not read yet, use images to label the bins. Print a picture of a car for a bin meant for toy cars, an image of a block for the bin where blocks go; each bin can be marked with a picture of the type of toy that belongs there. Bins with lids can be stacked in a corner; you […]
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