When those old carpets are starting to look worn and you decide it’s time to replace your flooring, there are three main flooring types to consider, as well as a few other possible options. The right one for you depends on your lifestyle and how you use the rooms in your home. Affordable Carpet Carpet is usually the most affordable flooring for any home. It comes in an endless array of colors and types, and is relatively easy to install. Carpet is, of course, prone to stains, which is a consideration if you have kids or pets in the home. Keeping carpets really clean requires regular shampooing or steam cleaning, which can add up over time. Carpet provides warmth on bare feet and is soft and comfortable to walk on. Wood And Laminate Wood flooring is one of the oldest types of flooring and can be very beautiful. Some wood floors are made of soft woods, however, and they do scratch easily. If you have a pet with claws or kids who want to drive their toy cars around, you may find the flooring is damaged easily. Hardwood floors can be refinished, but it can be expensive. Laminate flooring, which […]
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