Who hasn’t had a cupboard full of Tupperware come crashing down on their head? And don’t we all have a drawer in our kitchen that holds every scrap of paper and useless knickknack we have ever owned? While kitchen clutter may be a universal truth, it can also make using your kitchen a time consuming and frustrating task. Though de-cluttering your kitchen may seem like an equally unpleasant job, a few simple tricks can get it organized and keep it that way. Clear Off The Countertops While some appliances, such as the coffeemaker and toaster, have a home on a countertop, usually appliances that we rarely if ever use also end up there. Find a cupboard in which to keep all the small appliances you don’t use often, and be sure to put them back after using them. Also, while fruit bowls and flowers can make a kitchen a more inviting space, too many decorative items can create clutter and reduce the usable counter space in your kitchen. Rearrange Cupboards Are your dishes and glasses miles from the dishwasher? Storing the kitchen items you use in drawers and cupboards closest to where you actually use those items makes good sense. […]
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