Every home should have an emergency kit. Whether it’s an actual emergency, inclement weather, a power outage or other unforeseen occurrence, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare a three-day home emergency kit that includes the following elements: Bottled Water Experts recommend drinking 6-8 glasses (8 oz.) of water every day, which is why having bottled water in your home emergency kit is essential. Not only is water necessary for good health, it’s also necessary for survival. You should keep enough bottled water for everyone in your family to drink for several days. Canned Foods Without electricity or running water, you cannot cook using traditional methods. Therefore, ready-to-eat canned foods are a must. Vienna sausages, Spam, canned fruit, ham, tuna and other similar foods that do not require preparation are ideal for a home emergency kit. Because most canned foods have a lengthy expiration date, you can keep them on hand for some time. And don’t forget a non-electric can opener! Medication Whether it’s common everyday allergies, a serious medical condition or a reaction to a bee sting, it’s important to keep your home’s emergency kit equipped with the medication necessary to treat sudden […]
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