It’s a known fact that the majority of accidents occur at home, which is why every household must be equipped with a first aid kit complete with all of the essentials needed to handle life’s unexpected and unfortunate events. Band-aids No two ouches are alike, which is why a selection of band-aids is a requirement for every first aid kit. It’s important to keep various sizes and shapes to accommodate all types of cuts, scrapes and everyday boo-boos. Allergy Medication Whether it’s common everyday allergies or a reaction to a bee sting, it’s important to keep your home’s first aid kit equipped with the medication necessary to treat sudden ailments. Antibacterial Wipes If you have a small cut or scrape, you also risk bacteria being able to enter your body through the broken skin. If you want to reduce the risk of infection and clean the area, use antibacterial wipes as a temporary fix until you can flush out the wound completely. Tweezers If someone gets a bee sting and has the stinger left behind in their skin or they find themselves with a splinter, a pair of tweezers will help you to come to their rescue. These handy little […]
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