When the temperature outside begins to fall, our heating bills quickly start to rise. For many homeowners, keeping their house warm in the winter means paying a hefty heating bill. Luckily, there are some ways to help reduce those costs and keep a little extra cash in your pocket for a rainy (and warmer) day. Don’t Be Shade-y Even though it may be cold outside, the sun still tries to peak through on occasion. When it does, make sure to open your curtains and/or blinds in order to welcome the sun’s heat into your home. This will help to add a touch of warmth to help keep your heating costs down. After all, the time for seeking shade from the sunlight is in the summer. Cool It Did you know that the settings on your water heater could be affecting your heating bill? It’s true. Check your owner’s manual or ask a local expert about the ideal settings for your water heater which, if turned down, may still be able to heat your water adequately while reducing your heating bill. Insulation Information Insulation is used to maintain your home’s temperature. Some houses, especially older ones, may require additional insulation to […]
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