You can use steel wool to: Fill a screw hole that has become too big for the screw. Stuff the hole with steel wool and re-insert the screw. Make an instant pincushion. Stuff an old sock with steel wool and tie tightly for a pincushion that will keep pins and needles rust free. Repel kitchen pests, by placing steel wool around the pipes under the sink. You can use nail polish remover to: Remove sticker residue from glass objects. Unstick your fingers after a superglue mishap. Remove marker and ink from appliances, glass, and stainless steel. You can use olive oil to: Revitalize leather shoes and baseball gloves. Clean greasy hands. Repel moles in the yard. Soak a cloth in olive oil and stuff it into the mole hole. Moles hate olive oil! You can use cola to: Remove grease stains from the garage floor. Clear a sluggish drain. Loosen a bolt that is rusted on. Remove stubborn stains from the toilet. Pour in the cola and wait one hour before scrubbing. Image Credit: @vesnoi_ via Twenty20
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