When you are planning to sell your home, a bathroom remodel may be one of the best places to increase your home’s value. Depending on the existing condition as well as the style and age of your home, here are a few things to consider before tearing out that sink! Does The Bathroom Age The House? It could be a black toilet or avocado tiles, but if your answer to this is yes, then a bathroom remodel can really make a difference. Prospective buyers will look at this space as a liability rather than a feature, and this can decrease the value of your home. It may also scare away buyers who are looking for a home that is in move-in condition. The trick is to keep the remodel modern, but timeless. The white toilet will likely always be in style, and tiles made of natural or neutral materials will keep the space fresh. Do The Features Match The Price? Depending on the location of your home and the value of the property itself, it is important to match the features of the bathroom to the rest of the home in order to get the most value out of a […]
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