When buying a home, location is always one of the most important considerations. Most buyers consider the obvious, such as the quality of the schools, commute distance from work, neighborhood safety, and even things like the view. But there are other things to keep in mind when choosing the location of your new home. Proximity Of Emergency Services A house out in the country has its appeal, but how far away is the fire department? The distance in an emergency can cost you precious minutes that could save lives or valuable property. Beyond that, a home insurance company may charge you more if your home is not within a certain distance from the fire department, to ensure their interests are protected as well. Look for a home that is accessible to emergency vehicles; narrow streets or long winding country roads may make it difficult for larger vehicles to approach. Remember that in an emergency, every second counts. How Close Are The Schools? Many schools have rules about how far away you need to be to qualify for bus services; if you’re within the range your students will either be walking or relying on you for a ride. In inclement weather, […]
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