Housework has a way of getting overwhelming quickly. You put a few things off and before you know it you’re facing hours of cleaning just to get it back to normal. But if you plan carefully and stick to a plan, you can get all of your basic housework done in only about 15 minutes a day, and keep it clean and company-ready all the time. Start With A Baseline You’ll have to do that deep cleaning before you start, because otherwise you’ll always be playing catch up. Set a day aside and clean your house from top to bottom. If you stick to the simple 15-minute-a-day plan from here on out, you’ll rarely if ever spend a whole day cleaning again. This deep cleaning establishes a baseline of clean that you would like to maintain; once you have this baseline, you simply have to take the time each day to keep things in order. Your Daily Fifteen Make a list of the main cleaning jobs in your home. These will usually include vacuuming/floor sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, washing floors and counters, and laundry. The things on your list may differ depending on the size of your home and how […]
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