When listing your home with a REALTOR®, you will be required to sign an agreement. This document will outline all of the agreed upon terms, including the asking price of the property, the REALTOR’S® commission, length of the agreement, cancellation policy (if any) and other details that will govern how the listing is handled. As a homeowner, it’s important to choose the right listing agreement to fit your needs. Evaluate Your Options When you decide to sell your home, talk with several different REALTORS®. Speak with them over the phone, meet with them in person, ask for references or do anything that you can to get a feel for how they do business. In real estate, punctuality is a must. The REALTOR® that you choose should return your calls, answer your questions and should provide a listing agreement that coincides with any verbal agreements that you may have had regarding the listing. For instance, if you tell your REALTOR® that you only want to list your property for six months, make sure the listing agreement reflects six months and not one year or longer. In addition, make sure that your asking price is the same in the agreement as you […]
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