When a homeowner lists their house with a REALTOR®, they may choose to store their house keys in the lockbox for easy access for the REALTOR® showing the home. In fact, these handy accessories have all but replaced the need to keep a key under the mat. And not to mention, they are a lot more effective and secure. Why REALTORS® Use A Lockbox It’s no surprise that REALTORS® like to sell houses, but they wouldn’t be in business for long if the homes they show were to be vandalized or illegally accessed by an unlawful individual. A lockbox works to prevent anyone, other than approved REALTORS®, from being granted access into the home. Not only does it allow the REALTOR® to be more effective in showing homes, but it also gives the owner some added peace of mind in knowing that their home is being protected. The Cost Lockboxes vary in price according to the unit itself. For instance, some lockboxes use a standard key to open while the more modern approach is a combination lock. In some cases, the seller may be required to purchase a unit if they prefer a REALTOR® use it when showing their home […]
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