Humidity in your home can not only be uncomfortable, but also damaging to your property. Keeping humidity under control, particularly if you live in an area prone to high humidity, can be a challenge. These tips will help keep the damp from taking over. Use Good Bathroom Fans The fan in your bathroom is designed to help diffuse humidity from showers, and most people run it while they are in the shower. If you are struggling with the humidity level in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to let the fan run a little longer. Instead of turning it off when you leave the bathroom, let the fan run at least until all signs of steam have dissipated. You may also want to consider upgrading your bathroom fans if they don’t appear to be keeping up with the humidity. Some of the newer models on the market can even sense humidity and automatically turn on or up. Run Your Furnace Fan If the fan on your furnace is set to Auto, consider changing it to On. Allowing the fan to run constantly circulates the air and helps remove humidity. The energy cost to run the furnace fan isn’t as much […]
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