Often ads for homes on the market include the phrase “motivated seller,” and while this sounds as if it may be to your benefit as a home buyer, what does it actually mean? If a seller is truly motivated you can benefit from a number of potential perks they may be willing to throw in to get their home sold, or they may even be willing to accept a lower offer than the asking price. Here are a few tips on how to find motivated sellers, and how to get the best deal possible. Is The Seller Really Motivated? Believe it or not, all “motivated sellers” are not really motivated. The phrase is often used by sellers and real estate agents to get a response from potential buyers. From the perspective of agents, if a seller is fairly insistent that they want a particular price for their home, which the agent feels is above the market value, they may use this phrase to encourage bids below the asking price. Sellers, on the other hand, may request this phrase be used whether they are motivated or not, in order to encourage a bidding war. Whether the seller is actually motivated or […]
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