Old furniture doesn’t have to be put aside if the basic structure is still in good condition. You can bring a whole new life to any piece of furniture with a few simple steps and items readily available from any home improvement store. Whether it is your dining room table or your patio furniture, you can get more mileage out of it and improve your home’s look at the same time. Refinishing Wood Furniture Any piece of solid wood furniture that has no major damage can be given a whole new look and many more years of service. Dining room tables and chairs, coffee tables, and dressers can all be refinished easily. Simply sand down the surface and then apply a new paint or stain, and finish it with a sealant for longevity. Your home improvement store will be able to easily help you locate all of the right tools for the job. You can even add special finishing touches to the look if you want, such as a distressed antique look or faux finish of another sort—the only limit is your imagination! Recovering Upholstered Furniture Professional re-upholstering can be really expensive, but in some cases you can do it […]
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