Believe it or not, your garage is not only made to house your automobiles. In fact, you can use it for storage or even a work area for small household projects. Whether you decide to keep tools, lawn care equipment or other accessories in the garage, organization is a must. Maximize Your Workspace If you use the garage for small woodworking projects or other chores that require a sturdy surface, consider installing a fold-down table on the interior wall. When not in use, you can simply lift the table back up and into place. This is a terrific idea for those who have a small garage or simply enjoy making the most out of their workspace. Unclutter Your Clutter If you have any items that are broken, outdated or simply unusable for any reason, toss them out. One of the first steps to organizing your garage is to get rid of the things that you no longer need or can use. If you have tools that are rarely used, put them away so that you can place the most commonly used tools in the forefront. As a general rule, your garage will be more efficient if the things that you […]
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