A patio offers a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors while still getting a sense of home. Believe it or not, the decor that you choose for the patio is just as important as that which you choose for the interior of your home. Granted, you will be spending more time indoors than out, but you cannot make a cake without decorating it with icing. Think of your patio as the icing on the cake and, as such, you have to put a lot of thought into the finishing touches. Have A Seat When most people are on the patio, they enjoy sitting, having a sip of their favorite drink, relaxing and enjoying the view. Therefore, comfortable seating is a must. Whether it’s just you or you are entertaining a small gathering of family and friends for lunch, it’s important that you have the right type of seating. While some patio furniture is designed of sturdy plastic, the more decorative approach is to feature that with wicker, authentic wood or even iron detailing. Of course, if you have a style that will also accommodate cushions, add them for a little extra comfort. Create A Patio Garden Creating a miniature garden […]
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