A pest is not just a word that’s used to describe an annoyance; in fact, it’s also the term given to a destructive animal that destroys crops, food and even livestock. Whether you have a garden that has become a hot spot for neighborhood pests or you simply want to keep them from entering your home, it’s important to keep in mind several do-it-yourself pest control tips. Spruce Up Your Space One of the most attractive places for a pest is that which is filled with food. Ants love anything sweet, including sugar, so make sure that any spills are cleaned up completely. It’s equally important to keep your food containers and bags sealed properly to avoid a problem. Landscape Designs That Pests Hate If you have weeds in your lawn, remove them to avoid attracting pests. Additionally, pay close attention to the plants and/or flowers that you use in your landscaping as certain types tend to attract pests, while others repel them. For specifics, ask a local gardening professional or a representative from your local home improvement gardening center. The Buzz On Mosquito Control Nobody likes mosquitoes, but they are still a part of life and it’s important to […]
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