If you have a room that requires a masculine touch, don’t fret. Decorating a boy’s room is not as intimidating as it may seem. In fact, there are a number of ways that you can turn your little man’s room into a space that he treasures. Bedding Basics Many young boys love sports, which means bedding that features a football, basketball, baseball, hockey or racing design may be a winner when it comes to decorating. If your youngster isn’t exactly a sports fanatic, ask him about his favorite colors and find a way to work them into the bedding theme. If necessary, you can always choose solid colors that work well together and still give your little boy a perfect space. Phone Favorites If your youngster wants a phone in his room, look for something that speaks volumes about his personality. Perhaps a helmet phone, car-shaped phone or even a character phone would be the perfect choice. Whatever it is, make sure that it reflects his own personal taste and is a phone that he will enjoy using. This ‘n That Every little boy loves something, right? Does he love model airplanes or cars? What about trading cards or sports? […]
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