When you save on energy, you also save money. As a homeowner, there are a number of ways that you can do both and still have the energy to enjoy your everyday life. The Buzz On Bulbs One of the most obvious ways to save energy in your home is to turn off the television when nobody is watching or when the room is empty. Additionally, avoid leaving lights on that aren’t necessary. Speaking of lights, your choice of light bulbs may also have an impact on your energy bill as certain types require more electricity than others resulting in higher energy costs. Keep It Cool During the warm spring and summer months, it’s best to keep all appliances that give off a lot of heat away from the thermostat. Otherwise, your home may appear hotter than it actually is and the air conditioner will then be made to work harder. This, in turn, equals more energy being used and more money being spent on energy costs. Speaking of heat, it’s a good idea to avoid excessive use of the oven when it’s hot outside. During the warm weather months, the oven can quickly cause your home’s interior to heat […]
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