If you have the islands on your mind, you will be glad to know that you can bring the charm and decor of your favorite tropical paradise into your own backyard. Even if you don’t live on an island oasis, you can still enjoy all of the benefits with the proper decorating knowledge and a little creativity. Why Decorate With Light Just as many people use candles to create a certain mood or when entertaining outdoors, decorative Polynesian torches add a touch of both light and ambience. If you are hosting an outdoor party with a tropical theme, there’s nothing quite like including either a full-size, tabletop or miniature decorative Polynesian torch to complete the lighting design. It’s important to remember that these are intended for outdoor use only. Choosing The Right Size If you are looking for a bold statement in lighting for your party, the use of full-size Polynesian torches may be the style you are seeking. If you want a centerpiece for outdoor tables, however, you may want to consider the tabletop versions to add just a touch of lighting to your decor. If what you want is considerably smaller than both a full-size and tabletop design, […]
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