When it comes to making sure your home is energy-efficient as well as keeping it at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, there are few things as simple as looking to your windows and doors to make a big difference. While replacing them with newer, more efficient windows and doors is of course a great option, it isn’t always in the budget right away, especially for first time homeowners. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to improve your current windows and doors and improve your energy bills as well. Finding The Leak There is a very easy way to test for a leak in your home. Carefully hold a lit candle near the window sill. Watch for movement in the flame. If you see the flame appear to be blown inward, air flow from the window is the likely culprit. Move the flame to several locations around the window to find hidden air leaks. You can do this with doors as well, but it is generally more obvious when a door has a poor seal. Securing The Perimeter Properly sealing all around the edges of your windows and doors is the quickest way to reduce drafts and increase energy efficiency. […]
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