Working from home is more common than ever before, with many people choosing to telecommute. Selling your home while continuing to work at home brings some unique challenges, particularly when it comes to showings. You can’t pause your workday every time a showing is scheduled, but there are ways to work around it. Set Showing Hours Take a look at your work schedule and then determine what part of the day can be set aside as showing hours. Set those hours for every day and let your REALTOR® know that you will vacate the home as needed during those hours and that showings should be scheduled, as much as possible, during that time. Consider making your showing hours right around lunch time. People may want to come look at homes on their own lunch break, and you can get out of the house to enjoy your own meal. Make sure that your co-workers and superiors know about your arrangements. Find Alternative Work Space Not all showings are going to be at a convenient time for your workday, so be prepared with an alternate plan. Many cities now have joint workspaces available where you can rent a desk for a few […]
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