Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still have a beautiful yard if you choose the right plants.  Careful choice of what to place in your yard will mean less maintenance. Plant Native When selecting the plants for your yard, do some research on which plants are native to your climate.  While exotic plants may look different and interesting in your yard, if they aren’t meant for that area you’ll likely need to spend a lot of time coddling them. If you live in the desert, it’s best not to choose plants that require a lot of water.  Not only will you have to pay close attention to them, but the cost of keeping them watered will be high-or impossible if you face drought restrictions on water.  Climates with cold, harsh winters aren’t the best place for plants native to warm, tropical climates.  Get to know the plants that grow naturally in your area-odds are good they’ll thrive without much attention. Plant Hardy Perennials The best thing about perennials is that you don’t have to plant every year.  When you choose hardy, low-maintenance perennials, they will come back year after year with little effort on your part. […]
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